Vanshika Dhawan

writer, designer & student-at-law.

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Hi! I’m Vanshika. I’m a Toronto-based freelance writer and designer. I’m not a lawyer (yet!); I’m currently articling at a litigation boutique.


I hold a Juris Doctor from the University of Toronto, a Masters in Professional Communication from Toronto Metropolitan University, and a Bachelor of Medical Sciences from Western University.

I generally write about issues related to sexual and gender-based violence, mental health/wellness, and trauma. Academically, my research has primarily focused on survivor and sexual assault discourses in law and mass media.

I’ve worked in strategic communications in politics and in the non-profit sector. I’ve also worked as graphic designer and still take on select freelance projects.

In my copious free time, I enjoy making art, doing crosswords, keeping up with pop culture, and buying books that I swear I’ll get around to reading eventually. I particularly love horror film, detective fiction, police procedurals, queer literature and musical theatre.

Published work and ephemera.

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These are some samples of my work and my full portfolio can be found here.

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