Here are some select pieces I have written and published online over the years:

The Varsity (University of Toronto Student Newspaper)
“Op-ed: We need to be careful about how we talk about those with mental health struggles”
CW: Suicide. In this Opinion Editorial, I wrote about suicide discourses and the ways we talk about student mental health and student mental illness on campuses. I also discuss how advocacy can be harmful even with the best of intentions, and how presuming academic stress is the only or major cause of suicide is reductive.

“No, Intoxication is Not A Legitimate Defence for Sexual Assault in Canada”
Following the Ontario Court of Appeal decisions R v Chan/R v Sullivan, I wrote about how the media’s sensationalist and misleading coverage of the “defence of extreme intoxication to the point of automatism” was exploitative of, and harmful to, survivors of sexual assault.

The Varsity (University of Toronto Student Newspaper)
“Opinion: Survivors of sexual violence deserve more from U of T”
I wrote about what support, accountability, and healing look like after experiencing sexual violence, particularly on university campuses, and what U of T (and universities in general) owes survivors of sexual violence.

FLARE Magazine
“I Was Out in Real Life, But Not Online”
In this piece for Pride month, I wrote about the difficulties of being “out and proud” on social media despite being open about my sexuality in real life. I focused on my lived experiences as a bisexual woman and South Asian immigrant living in Toronto.

Why I Couldn’t Be My Boyfriend’s Therapist
I wrote about the hazards of being a stand-in therapist for your partner, why it’s important for folks to discuss interpersonal issues with a therapist, and the reasons why some may avoid attending therapy.

Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance Blog
“Making the Case for Campus Case Managers: Optimizing Student Mental Healthcare Access”
I wrote about the importance of having accessible case managers on campuses to optimize outcomes for students struggling with mental health issues.